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Studio Manager in Grimsby

Studio Manager

Studio Managers play a key role in the day to day management of the design studio. They have overall responsibility for the smooth running of the creative studio as a whole (both technically and logistically).

Generally the role involves:

-       Ensuring all briefs are allocated in the studio based on individuals’ strengths and skills

-       Creating a workflow structure, reviewing daily work schedules of the creative department

-       Ensuring work is delivered on deadline, compiling studio schedules

-       Updating studio schedules regularly

-       Keeping all departments informed about project status

-       Resource management, bringing in freelance support as required


Studio Managers require excellent communication skills and both tact and influencing capability in order to ensure everyone in the studio is happy and working as efficiently as possible. They will have experience with studio management software, proven leadership skills and ability to meet deadlines in a stressful environment, whilst motivating a team with a wide variety of skill sets.

Salary wise outside of London the role generally pays between £30,000 to £45,000 depending on regional variance and level of experience.


Grimsby is a shipping town situated on the east coast of England in the country of Lincolnshire. The town has a strong fishing industry being based so near to the River Humber. The fishing industry in the area declined rapidly in the 1970s after the Cod Wars between Britain and Iceland, which saw a lot of the territory that Grimsby fishermen used to work in restricted by the European Union.

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