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A Year in Recruitment

Posted 5 months ago by Trish Kennedy
A Year in Recruitment

I recently reached my one year anniversary at Pitch and in light of this, it feels like a good time to reflect on the year I have had and share some of the things I have learnt about recruitment.

I knew once I entered the world of work that I wanted my job to be purposeful, I just didn’t know what the purpose was. To give a bit of history, I come from a marketing background, I studied Media at sixth form and from there went onto freelancing in marketing and social media, I wasn’t thinking about recruitment as a career option for me. It was during this time that I found Pitch. Jumping into sourcing marketeers having been one was a challenge, but one I enjoyed and still do.

I’m not sure what I expected from a recruitment agency, but Pitch has exceeded my expectations. Progression and development is key from day one, the support from the team is really helpful, from management through to marketing. One of the main things that stand out about Pitch is the collaborative working environment, everyone comes together to help each other progress. They are also some nice perks to the job which have to be mentioned! I was fortunate enough to go on a team trip to Palma to celebrate Pitch’s 10th year anniversary last year and I enjoy the regular Friday breakfasts we have, gathering together to have a chat and unwind.


There have been highs and lows along the way, but I’ve come to learn that the nature of sales, it’s definitely challenging! I think the biggest lows for me are always around having to inform a candidate if they are not progressing in a particular job or when they get to the final stage and they aren’t selected. You can often feel like you are letting a candidate down having created this relationship with them but it makes me more determined to find them something else that will work.


One of the best things for me is getting to tell a great candidate that they have secured a role and you can hear how happy they are about it. Although it’s tough at times, it really is rewarding when you put in lots of time and effort and transpires into good results. I like hearing from candidates after they have been placed too it is always nice to hear how they are getting on in their new roles and to see when they progress.

Another great moment from the past year for me was when I won the directors choice award. This is something that we have every quarter which is a great boost to let you know you are doing well and acknowledges that work you have put in.


Now that a year has passed, I am very happy to say I have now been promoted from a Resourcer to a Consultant! For those of you that don’t know much about recruitment (like me at the start of this past year!), this means I am currently transferring into a 360 role. Previously, I mainly dealt with candidates but now I am responsible for managing the whole process which includes selling our services to potential clients, negotiating terms, sourcing and screening candidates and hopefully successfully placing them into a new role. I’m excited to see what the next year of development brings.


Thanks for reading!

You can find out more about the roles Trish is working on here or drop her an email if you have any recruitment requirements.