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Tips for job searching in 2021

Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca Thomas
Tips For Job Searching 2021

2021 New Year, new you, new job?

There is nothing like a new year to bring about a sense of change and progression, we’re all eager to start the new year on the best foot, and for many after the year that shall not be named, this is in the form of a new job.

Whether you have been actively searching the market throughout 2020 or are considering a change in the new year, here are a few things we have noticed which you may want to consider.

Video Interviews

Lockdown round one forced us into a world of zoom calls and quizzes, as well as video interviews. Although some brands were already on the bandwagon we all had to jump aboard and get to grips with video interviewing for 1st and 2nd stages.

Our research found that 75% of our clients are opting to conduct first stage interviews via video call, however don’t expect for the full interview process to be conducted remotely. Whilst virtual interviews are good for reducing the volume of non-fit candidates (saving you time), they fail to provide a strong enough indication of cultural and personal fit, leading to 95% of our clients opting to conduct second stage interviews in person.

As remote working is likely to remain in place throughout 2021, the presence of virtual first stage interviews is likely to stay. If you haven’t felt comfortable or hand experience with remote interviewing throughout 2020, you can download our video interview tips guide to ensure you are prepared.

Package negotiation

After working form home for the best part of 2020, 87% of employees are keen for flexible working to remain in place going into 2021, with 73% preferring a hybrid approach (split home/office based working).

If you are one of these people the good news is most of our clients are keen to adopt a variety of flexible working options, with the 3.2 role working 2 days from home and the other 3 focussed on office time most popular.

However, it is important to recognise not all businesses are going to offer the same flexibility benefits. Depending on business structure, industry and management style, where some may be able to offer a fully remote package others may only be able to offer flexible start and finish times.

It is important that you provide clarity to employers from the start. If you don’t mind how you work then proceed as normal, but if you have specific requirements e.g childcare and personal preferences then ensure to let a prospective employer know during the application or interview stage. Providing clarity means they may be able to adapt working patterns for your requirements or will save you time if it is something they cannot fulfil.


We’ve seen salaries stay consistent with some small increases across the digital skill sets due to demand increasing. Throughout 2020 we saw a 50% increase in social media roles and 44% increase in demand for specialist skillsets (web developers, front/back/fullstack developers & UX/UI designers).

We anticipate demand for these skills to remain prominent going into 2021, where often due to limited talent availability (despite a highly competitive market) you may be able to get a small salary increase.

However in sectors where we have seen a decline in demand such as account handling roles (-93%), salaries are likely to remain stagnant throughout 2021 as businesses recover.


In 2020 we saw high levels of redundancies which saturated the job market. This resulted in record levels of job applications per role, with social media roles seeing a 170% in the volume of applicants.

If 2020 is anything to go by, though competition in areas like digital and social media is likely to be high throughout 2021, many of the applications we receive for roles are irrelevant and don’t even meet the minimum criteria of the role. If you’re interested in a specific role make sure your tailor your CV and covering letter to showcase your most relevant experience. This will give you the best chance of getting shortlisted, even in a crowded market!

Though on the whole the market is more competitive, some roles are seeing a decline in the levels of application per role. For instance, though demand for account handling roles is lower, the volume of applicants compared to the start of 2020 is 52% lower, highlighting you may have a good chance of securing a role in this area if you tailor your application appropriately.

We hope this has provided you with some insight into what we have seen in the market throughout 2020 and helps to inform your applicant journey in 2021. If you do have any questions however, feel free to reach out to us.

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