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Why the LinkedIn career break tool is important

Posted over 1 year ago by Steve Smaylen
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You know that anxiety you experience when applying for jobs after a career break/gap where you worry how you’re going to communicate this in the right way to a recruiter or hirer?

LinkedIn have you covered.

On March 1st (2022) they’ve introduced a new tool to help you communicate a career breaks, with 13 options including care giving and health and wellbeing. Providing a positive way to represent your career break to recruiters and hirers.

Why is this important?

With a third of employees having a prolonged career break during their career (2017) and a wave of redundancies and resignations in 2020, career breaks and gaps in employment are more common than you’d think.

Having a career gap can often spark concern for both job seekers, recruiters and hirers. With questions about willingness to work, effectiveness in the job and how to facilitate a return to the working environment common, sometimes knowing how to communicate this in the right way can be a challenge.

With 64% of people wanting a way to positively promote a career break to a hirer, introducing this tool can help to encourage more positive and transparent discussions around career breaks and the benefits that they can bring for learning new skills, improving relationships and wellbeing.

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