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Our mission is to enable teams and individuals to achieve their full potential, by working with clients to help them build the best possible teams, whilst helping candidates maximise their career opportunities.

Pitch recruit across all disciplines and all sectors within the Marketing, Commercial, PR, Digital and Creative industries. Working with everyone from major international brands, to small growing businesses, specialist independent agencies to global networks, we cover opportunities across the UK regions from our Birmingham and Manchester offices. ​​

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Posted 1 day ago
How the AI boom will affect contractors and freelancers

One of the biggest technology developments during 2019, has been the increased level of interest in Artificial intelligence software - £1bn was inv...

Posted by Ellie Tibbs


Posted 4 days ago
Automotive insight: Decline in the UK market.

Accounting for 14.4% of total UK exports, the automotive industry turned over approximately £82bn during 2018, making it one of the UK’s largest in...

Posted by Julia Williams


Posted 7 days ago
The business benefit of remote working

Since 2008, the number of remote workers (someone who works at least 1 day per week away from the office), has increased by 74%. This has been driv...

Posted by Ellie Tibbs


Posted 11 days ago
Marketing Minute: Is Digital Marketing set to remain?

Due to heightened political and economic uncertainty, UK companies have cut their marketing budgets during the third quarter of 2019, however their...

Posted by Harry Silvester


Posted 17 days ago
How the growth of freelancers is enabling new technology

According to recent estimates, the freelance sector contributes around £145 billion to the UK economy each year, with this figure anticipated to co...

Posted by Ellie Tibbs


Posted 21 days ago
How the growth of the vegan market has affected retail

With the vegan markets value anticipated to soar to £1.1bn by 2023, it is undeniable that the retail and FMCG markets are undergoing a period of si...

Posted by Julia Williams


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