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Pitch recruit across all disciplines and all sectors within the Marketing, PR, Digital and Creative industries. Working with everyone from major international brands, to small growing businesses, specialist independent agencies to global networks, we cover opportunities across the UK regions from our Birmingham and Manchester offices.

By being heavily invested in the sector, we share your passion and understanding of the market you work in. We take time to understand what you do, what you’re looking to achieve and are well connected to provide a tailored service.

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Should you cancel other interviews if you’ve found THE person for the role?

Picture the scenario: you’re interviewing candidates for a vacancy in your team and you meet the ‘perfect candidate’ - the one who within the first...

Posted by Ollie Purdom


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Reflecting back on 10 Years of Pitch

A whole decade in business sounds a long time but it doesn’t seem that long ago since it was just two of us in a spare room. And what a fun time th...

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Pitch MD Rob Markwell wins HR & Recruitment Award at Birmingham Young Professional of the Year

We're delighted to announce that Rob Markwell, Managing Director here at Pitch, has won the HR, Recruitment and Training category at the Birmingham...

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Prolific North Awards 2017 Video Interviews

During the Prolific North Awards, we were fortunate enough to get to speak to representatives from three different companies up for an award. Josh ...

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Prolific North Awards 2017

Last week, on an unusually warm Thursday evening in Manchester, the fifth Prolific North Awards took place. It’s always the most hotly anticipated ...

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Demand is growing for temporary workers. Here’s why.

As a specialist recruiter in the marketing/comms, digital and creative sector, we are seeing a marked increase in the demand for permanent talent, ...

Posted by Clare Bumford


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