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How has the internet changed job searching?

Posted almost 6 years ago by Rob Markwell
job searching on the internet

It’s hard to believe there was once a time before the digital age where the only way to find out about new job openings was by newspaper, word of mouth or carrier pigeon. You could only take the company on face value and you’d usually hear back from every job application. Job searching has evolved massively for both hirer and candidate.


The introduction of the internet first and foremost has changed the recruitment landscape dramatically. Yes, people still hand in physical copies of their resumé to potential employers but the majority of opportunities are now posted online. It’s hard to say whether the power has fallen into hands of the recruiter or the candidate.


With the introduction of LinkedIn, job boards such as Reed and Indeed and recruiters like Pitch, there are various ways as to how people search for jobs now. The plethora of options available for applicants means they can almost compare jobs and weigh up their ideal role based on variables such as salary, locations, benefits and progression - information that is more often than not readily available online. A day of job searching could see a candidate applying for hundreds of roles (which we advise not to), assessing and comparing their best options with the click of a button.


Companies can get frustrated by searching through a load of C.V.’s from candidates who aren’t particularly suited to the job role advertised but it’s important that they also keep their reputation intact. Websites such as Glassdoor give candidates a fantastic insight into companies before they’ve even stepped foot inside their office. Glassdoor allows candidates to view the culture of the business, salaries and in some cases the interview questions they are going to be asked!


Google Reviews is also very similar. This allows customers, clients and the general public to leave reviews on a company, which can ultimately impact a persons decision to apply for a job or accept an offer.


However, this can also work in favour of the hirer. Recent statistics reveal that 70% of employers decided against hiring a candidate based on seeing something negative they’d posted online - so be careful what you’re posting on social media! It could ultimately be the difference between being hired or even fired.


There’s no debate that the internet has revolutionised job searching and has no doubt given more opportunity to those looking for work. At Pitch we pride ourselves on our ability to keep up with all digital advancements so why not get in touch with us so we can assist you on your job search.