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Our culture is built around teamwork, trust and pride in our brand. Everyone is valued and accountable for their part in making Pitch the recruitment consultancy you can trust. There are no egos here. We take what we do seriously, but not ourselves - life is too short!

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Our people.

We look for intelligent, passionate and honest professionals who are prepared to put their Heart+Soul into being recognised as the best in their field No one at Pitch knows it all. Whatever the level, our team are eager to learn, progress and achieve. We embrace curiosity and love to challenge ourselves and colleagues. We also get things wrong, and that’s how we learn and get better.

We embrace excellence.

Your journey at Pitch can take many shapes. Whatever your strengths and ambitions, we work with each person to set out a clear and transparent roadmap for progression and development. We’re not a big machine so we have time to treat each person as an individual. We believe passionately in training. From Junior to board level, we give everyone access to tailor made external training to champion personal development.

We don’t believe or care much for egos and lone rangers. Our culture puts our customers and Pitch above the benefit of one individual. This pack mentality and genuine care in upholding our reputation for trust, quality and performance are why we exist.

This constant drive and determination means our office is a high-performance environment where everyone is accountable. We have targets but we choose to hit them by routinely exceeding the expectations of our clients and candidates rather than by any other means.

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