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An all-in-one video interviewing platform for the entire recruitment process

An all-in-one video platform for the entire recruitment process

In a fast paced world, the recruitment process is rapidly transitioning and as the global population becomes better acquainted with technology, more and more of our clients are now using our video software, Pitch+ for all their recruitment needs.

As a virtual interview and meeting platform, our premium Pitch+ service is offered to our retained clients and brings personality to the forefront of the recruitment process.

Whether recording answers to pre-defined questions or invited to a live interview, candidates are able to showcase their talents in a more relaxed setting, whilst the entire hiring process is expedited for clients.


Instead of the lengthy process of coordinating diaries for interviews at the office, Pitch+ offers you the flexibility to carry out that meeting as soon as possible. With no fiddly software to download, we set it up, send you the secure link, and using a desktop, laptop or mobile device, off you go!

Candidates who may normally struggle to attend interviews (such as relocators) can make a quicker connection with your business which in turn opens up your talent pool.


  • In a candidate led market, Pitch+ enables you to book in face to face chats with the strongest applicants before your competitors. No more losing great talent due to drawn out recruitment processes. 

  • With the qualified and engaged candidate utilising our applicant-friendly software at their convenience, your chances of securing that perfect match increases by 70%.

  • With the ability to view pre-recorded candidate videos alongside their CVs and notes, we streamline the process so that you have all relevant information to hand to make an informed decision.

Get in touch to find out more about Pitch+ can revolutionise your recruitment process.