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How to write the perfect CV

Posted over 11 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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Now the sprouts have digested and the Quality Street have been devoured, your thoughts may well be turning to that new year’s resolution to treat yourself to the new job you’ve been craving.

Log on to Google and you’ll find numerous guides on how to hone your CV in to a shop window Harvey Nichols would be proud of. But where do you start? Luckily we’ve got just the thing for you: Download our CV do’s and don’ts.


Once your CV has been finessed, it's also important to ensure your LinkedIn profile is in equally good health. Why? Regardless of whether you’re actively looking for a new job, you ignore your LinkedIn profile at your peril. You see, it’s not just recruitment consultants looking at your profile; it’s potential employers, it’s industry peers, it’s even potential clients. LinkedIn is unquestionably the most important business social network at present so it’s time to get your profile ship shape. We've included a couple of links great articles below to get you started.

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