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Recruitment: maximising your investment

Posted about 10 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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Demand for the industry’s top talent is rising and in many cases considerably outweighs supply, which can be a real problem when trying to grow your team.

If you find a good candidate, chances are he/she has several other opportunities on the table. You know your opportunity is a good one but is your recruiter representing your company in the best possible light? And if you are struggling to find candidates, how proactive is your recruiter being?

Are they just posting an ad on Marketing Week and hoping for the best? Are they guiding you through the recruitment process and advising on how best to position your opportunity, or on how to structure an interview?

A recruitment fee is a big investment, so we believe it’s only right that as a client you see a service which justifies it.

Our consultants receive regular coaching on areas such as competency based interviewing, client servicing and headhunting (although we have a strict policy to not headhunt from our clients).

As a specialist recruitment consultancy we understand your industry more than most; we understand how candidate driven the market is, but that you still need to secure the very best talent for your business, and that what makes someone right for one environment, doesn’t always make them right for another.

What’s more, we have a genuine passion for our area of specialisation so, it’s only right that we are far more than just a supplier to it. We invest back into the industry through events, sponsorship and  seminars (such as our B-Hive scheme), which means we are better connected with talented individuals.

We’re also proactive in going out to market and indentifying who we believe would add value to your team. Our consultants are qualified in advising you on how to best position a role, any challenges you might face, salaries you’ll need to pay and when briefed exclusively, will work together with you to put together a defined timeline for the assignment keeping you informed every step of the way.

If you are planning to recruit either now or in the future, speak to one of our consultants who’ll be able to advise and help you plan for a successful and smooth recruitment process.