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12 top tips for job-hunting during the festive break

Posted over 9 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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We understand more than most how valuable the Christmas downtime period can be, and that time between wrapping presents, turkey dinners and Irish cream, and the fizzy fun of New Year’s Eve, is the perfect opportunity to kick start your New Year job search.

For yet another year, the briefs have continued to roll in throughout December, extinguishing the myth that recruitment stops during the festive season; clients are in need of brilliant talent all year round, regardless of seasonal celebrations.

Job hunting doesn’t have to be scary, nor should it feel like a chore, so make your move up the career ladder with ease this January and give yourself the best chance possible by arming yourself with the following tips:

1 Dream big

Take a moment to really consider what it is that you want from your professional working life, sit-back and dream a little – where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years’ time? More travel opportunities perhaps, or heading up an entire design team or studio; map out your ambitions and then you can start hatching a plan to get there. 

2 Create a list of dream companies to work for

…and the chances are, we can put you in touch with them! Add them to your aspirational career-map and we’ll do our very best to get you in front on them.

3 Censor your online footprint

We all have some Facebook photos that we’d prefer to never see the light of day but ego aside it is worth noting that 80% of future employers will google your social media presence before choosing to employ you. Whilst you’re aimlessly surfing the web over Christmas, why not take an hour or two to scour your tagged items on your social media platforms. Untagging and/or deleting incriminating content can be the difference between an offer or rejection from your dream role.

4 Update your CV

This can be an arduous task – but it doesn’t have to be! Keep on top of it by updating your CV at regular intervals throughout the year, do so in-line with our ultimate writing tips and it can be a piece of Christmascake.

5 Prep your references

Assuming you’re still on good terms with your old boss, it’s worth dropping them a line to ask if they’d be happy to provide a glowing reference. Being able to provide one with your application will always enhance your chances – remember to wish your references Merry Christmas too! Of course you may not want to alert anyone to your job search, but it’s still useful to know who you’ll call on when the offer arrives.

6 Polish your social media presence

Do a little research regarding your professional profile online – what’s hot, what’s not in terms of suitable profile pictures (no that one of you and your mates in Ibiza with the sunset in the background is not appropriate here), personal bios including key words and effective structure. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as inviting as it possibly could be, each and every recruiter in the UK will definitely look for you on there the moment they receive your call.

7 Read

Read, read, read! Anything, everything – well not quite, but all the weird and wonderful posts and published articles both digital and print, relating to your creative industry. Knowledge is power and the more you know about current trends, the better equipped you are to keep up with the ever-changing industry landscape.

8 Get involved in the Twitter-sphere

Involve yourself with dialogue and join the online communities regarding your industry, follow the figureheads of business and the top industry influencers. Provide your opinions and commercial commentary, this will demonstrate essential cultural awareness to prospective employers.

9 Refurbish your work-wardrobe

This may sound like a cop-out but whether you take time to springwinter-clean your current wardrobe or add the latest garments to it by hitting the Boxing Day sales, it is the perfect opportunity to put together a killer outfit that will both impress in an interview and also demonstrate a little creative flair, whilst maintaining your professional integrity.

10 Brush up on your interview techniques

Are you aware of how to exude positivity and confidence without even uttering a word? Body language gives away more than you can imagine to your interviewer. Pick up a book or journal online and implement these easy techniques as part of your standard interview style. In addition, why not take a look at our go-to-guide for interview preparation whilst you’re at it.

11 Craft your story

Make sure that when (not if!) you are called for interview, that you have a story to tell; you must be able to clearly describe where you’ve come from and where you’d like to go and why. The more engaged you are with what you want do, the more others will be too. 

12 Last but certainly not least, pick the brains of your friends and family  

Use time spent with friends and family over the festive period to ask them how they managed to get to their desired professional positions and you may discover an unexpected pearl of wisdom or two – an additional Christmas gift!

…come January 1st you’ll be prepped and ready to floor the competition and nab that dream role! In the meantime remember to kick-back and relax, be merry and spend time with your loved ones – it’s the most wonderful time of the year after all!