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Pitch's 12 Days of Wisdom

Posted over 7 years ago by Rob Markwell
12 Pearls

Christmas and New Year is a wonderful time. It's also a time when many people start thinking about new opportunities and new challenges. We've written lots on the subject of writing your CV and perfecting your interview technique, so in our seasonal variation of '12 Days' we thought we'd give you our top 12 tips on how to flourish in those first few days in your new role. 

#Day 1: Before the first day in your new job

Day 2: Don't be late

Day 3: First impressions count

Day 4: Locate the amenities

Day 5: Steer clear of the gossip

Day 6: Show some restraint

Day 7: Listen

Day 8 - Ask Questions

Day 9 - Get organised

Day 10 - Silence your mobile

Day 11 - Prepare your pitch

Day 12 - Take initiative