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#FreelanceLife | Chapter 11 | Dan

Posted about 6 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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Happy Hump Day Freelancers!

The sun is trying to peak through so grab a cuppa and delve into the next awesome freelancer, Dan. An experienced and highly-ambitious Project Manager, Dan has years of experience working in various in-house and client side roles, focusing on ATL and TTL campaigns in print, social and digital mediums.

Over to you Dan!

1. What is your favourite thing about being a Freelancer?

For me, it's an amalgamation of two things. First of all, having the freedom to work at different companies on a mixture of different accounts, who all focus on producing different forms of media (Whether it be print based or something with a digital output) is a really cool experience. The second would honestly be having the ability to be able to learn something new from each company that you freelance at, so you can form a best practice mentally and a personal bench to hit on each deliverable.


2. What is your least favourite thing about being a Freelancer?

It's without a doubt the quiet periods, there’s only so much that you can watch on Netflix before you end up bored! But you have to find ways to keep yourself ‘on the ball’ during these times whether it be researching new practices in digital and social or just doing a refresher course on a program/analytic tool you might not have used in a while (Mailchimp/Google Analytics etc.)


3. What skills are essential for a Freelancer?

Having a high motor and being able to hit the ground running (especially for account/project management work) is so crucial, most of the time you’re being brought in to help support and navigate a project at its most critical point. I’d also say being sociable around the office too, since it can be a bit lonely going into new working environments and not knowing anyone, some of those relationships will really help you down the line.


4. On average, what time do you start and finish work? What does your day map out?

Great thing about the creative/marketing industry is that its a 24 hour business, I usually aim to get in for 8:20/30 so I can have a good period of time to structure out my day, check my emails and prep for any status meeting. I aim to finish by 6pm barring any form of emergency/deadline that needs to be hit (or a midweek football game where I’ll try and get out dead on 5:30 but shhh that's our secret okay!), so I can have a reasonable amount of time to go to the gym etc. after work


5. How often do you work remotely?

Not so much with account management, you’re mainly onsite running back and forth between your desk and production or meeting with the client. Most places I’ve freelanced at, have been really accommodating though in terms of remote working when I’ve really had to.


6. What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

Don’t be afraid to turn down certain offers for freelance work even when you are starting out! Sometimes it can feel like you need to take on the first project that's offered to you, even though you might be being ‘low balled’ on your usual rate or you don’t feel inspired by the work. Never be afraid to bounce questions off your fellow freelancers either!


7. Would you ever consider going for a permanent position?

I’ve always said to myself, if its the right fit culturally with a great client who is open to a collaborative approach to try new ideas, on an account you can really mould into your own, then why not! But for now I’m really happy adding new work to my portfolio and learning something new from each new agency and client I work with.


8.  What is the most standout memory from your Freelance Career? (Whether it brings, elation, anger, humour, sadness)

I think the best moment is seeing the first piece of work you managed being rolled out into the market is a nice feeling I’ll always have, it made all the late nights and close deadlines worth it!


9. What song best represents your Freelance state of mind? Metal, Hip Hop, Classical?

This probably took the most thought out of all of them to answer! I’m going to cheat here and go with two, the first being ‘Welcome Back’ by Mase and the second is “Whippin Excursion” by Giggs … These were the first two that came on when I shuffled my library!

Great advice Dan, always check with fellow freelancers or recruiters if you are feeling worried about rates. You can catch up on the previous 10 chapters and our special editions here.

If you want to get involved and share your #FreelanceLife you definitely can! Just get in touch with us now, we'd love to hear from you.

See you next time,

#FreelanceLife Team x