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New Job Blues

Posted almost 6 years ago by Priya Thakur
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When I start a new job I have always got that slight uneasiness of moving into a new environment. More so, when I moved from North Devon to Manchester away from everything and everyone I knew. Moving into a new job can be nerve-racking as its a new environment, new people, different culture and sometimes more responsibility.

This is completely normal for the majority of people and my advice would be don't panic! You have done the hard part of getting the dream job you wanted so now it’s all down to settling in and doing the best possible work you can to prove your new employer made the right choice.

It can be common to feel nervous and even question your abilities when first start somewhere. Your new employer has employed you because they believe in your skills along with your personality and that they think you would be a great asset to their company. A key thing to remember and this is for executives all the way up to directors if you are unsure of something just ask. This is the learning period, whether that be new skills, company process or about new colleagues. No one will think badly of you for asking questions, questions are your friend - Fact.

Sometimes when starting a new job you can be thrown in at the deep end and straight into massive projects, try to embrace this as the exciting new path that it is. Your new company believe they made the right hire to get the job done. Equally, some new roles can have a slower start. You may have a ton of procedures to learn and have to go through some more simple, ‘admin’ based tasks. While I know this may seem boring at first, it won’t last forever and if you do have some concerns over how quickly you are progressing into the regular tasks of your new role, check the job description and have a meeting with your line manager. Talking to them will let them know you are ready to take on more and give them the opportunity to explain why things are moving at the pace they are.

If you are relocating for a role like I did, it can seem extremely daunting but the main thing to remember is why you decided to relocate in the first place. Think back to your motivations and reasons behind your career move and this will help you stay focused on whats important and that's smashing your new job.

No one wants to be the new kid on the playground but after a couple of days, sometimes weeks everything becomes second nature and you wonder what you were worried about. The top 4 things to remember are this;

  1. Remember why you are leaving your current job. You chose to job hunt and pursue a new career for a reason. Don’t be phased by unfamiliarity!

  2. Step out of your comfort zone, risk it for a chocolate biscuit.

  3. Your new employer believes in your abilities to get the job done, you just need to go in and prove they made the right choice.

  4. Ask questions on processes, topics or operations you are unsure of. No such thing as a stupid question. Reach out with concerns to your new manager or recruiter.


Good luck to anyone starting a new role and don’t worry about new role blues, they will soon fade away!