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Why Applying For Every Job Isn't In Your Best Interest

Posted about 6 years ago by Rob Markwell
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Here at Pitch, we take a very consultative approach when talking to clients and candidates. Finding out the reason for a new hire or a job change is key to us providing the best service. We call ourselves consultants because we want to help direct candidates and develop you to be the best ‘you’. Whether it be a question on CV layout, interview prep or salary expectations, we can help, but what makes it harder to help is if a candidate is applying for every job under the sun. 

You decide on that Sunday afternoon when the blues kick in that you are going to look for a new role. When you decide to look at new job opportunities you could argue that the more jobs you apply for, the more chance of landing interviews. Correct? NO! If you are applying to a plethora of roles with a recruitment company it can become confusing as to what your career direction is.   

Every role and company has set criteria and they do not write job adverts and specs for fun, there are certain requirements you must match to be strongly considered, it's not just about the job title. So when you apply for roles that you believe are similar to you solely based on the job title, the experience and skill set needed might actually be massively different in each role.

Applying to a number of irrelevant roles will result in rejections and an air of “desperation” will shadow your CV. Be strategic and realistic with your enthusiasm. It’s great that you are keen and want a new job but not every open position applies to you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you decide to apply for that next role:

  • Why are you looking for a new role? 

  • What are your motivators? 

  • Is it a reasonable step up the ladder? 

  • Is it the salary that you are looking for? 

  • If money related, are you going to get counter offered?  Go and ask! 

  • Do you match the key requirements? 

  • Do you have the relevant skill set and level of experience? 


When you make that decision to apply for a role, read the whole advert, ensure you are applying for roles that really are relevant to your skill set and it is a sensible next step to where you are in your current career development. Once happy with this, make sure your CV is up to date, highlights your skills that match the job description and send it over.

Be considered with your job search as much as you would be when you get that interview! Step back, think about what you are looking for then attack relevant job applications with a clear mind and concise information. It is a better use of your time to work on 3 really great applications rather than just sending a sloppy CV to 10+ roles based on a job title you think you can do.