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#FreelanceLife | Chapter 16 | James

Posted almost 6 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
James is a front end developer

Welcome back to another instalment of our super-series FreelanceLife. This gives an insight into the life of one of our talented Freelancers who we’ve placed. This episode saw us speak to James, an experienced Front End Developer. We directed some quick-fire questions at James. Here’s what he had to say:


1)What is your favourite thing about being a Freelancer?

The huge variety in job roles that you come across and not being tied into a long-term job that you don’t enjoy.


2. What is your least favourite thing about being a Freelancer?

Going through times when you struggle to find work for yourself.


3. What skills are essential for a Freelancer?

Determination, motivation, self-control and self-belief.


4. On average, what time do you start and finish work? What does your day map out?

Currently, I wake up at 5 am and head straight into the gym for an hour. After that, I prepare my workspace for the day ahead and then start work at around 9 am and finish at 5 pm.


5. How often do you work remotely?

Currently, I’m working remotely every day and plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.


6. What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

I wish somebody would have told me how challenging motivating yourself at times could be.


7. Would you ever consider going for a permanent position?

Since working as a freelancer, I can't ever see myself going back to permanent roles in the future.


8. What is the most standout memory from your Freelance Career? (Whether it brings, elation, anger, humour, sadness)

The enjoyment of knowing that when you are in a bad contract you don’t have to wait a month to get out of it and you can just move onto the next one.


9. What song best represents your Freelance state of mind? Metal, Hip Hop, Classical?

I have to go with R&B/Rap with this one, Drake is my type of artist.


No complaints from me, James. I love a bit of Drake myself.

It’s great to see a freelancer so dedicated to what they do. Thinking of going freelance? Get your CVs over to our awesome freelance consultant Ellie, she’s fantastic!