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Best tips on landing a role in-house

Posted over 5 years ago by Rob Markwell
how to secure a role in-house

Being an in-house consultant here at Pitch, it only seemed right for me to share my knowledge of the market of how best to secure a client-side role.

As you should already know, Pitch specialises in all roles which sit within the following departments: marketing, public relations, communications, digital and creative/design.

Whatever area you specialise in, for less experienced candidates or somebody looking to change a career, my advice is this - gain industry experience whilst studying. Doing temporary placements in your breaks and also when looking for a permanent role is great because it is all relevant even if it isn’t the role you seek in the long term.

Whether you are at school, college or university – you have the time in your holidays to gain industry experience and businesses/organisations welcome an extra pair of hands. You should not expect this to be paid but I can guarantee that this will give you a head start against other candidates when going for your first full-time role.

For a more experienced candidate looking to go client-side (in-house), my advice would be to identify your skill set and have a real think about what industry sector appeals to you. Generally speaking, in-house clients like to see you have similar industry experience to their own business, i.e. consumer-focused, B2B or charity.

Do your research!  This is key to ensuring you pick a company that is right for you and what you are looking for. There are so many ways now that allow you to get a feel for the place before you even step foot in the office! (Google reviews and GlassDoor etc). Do your research but also go in and meet with the team and get a feel for the place yourself, everyone is different. No doubt you will be tested on your knowledge of the company at the interview stage!

When I speak to my clients about the role I'm recruiting for, I always ask what type of person they are looking for and what they like to see on a CV.  The most common answer I get?  Well that would have to be that they have relevant industry experience, are ambitious and that they have a genuine interest in the brand. When you secure an in-house role, you are committing to one brand and it is critical that you are 100% behind their vision, mission and values.   

Does this sound like something you could get behind? Why not drop me your CV over and we can have a chat.