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New-year, new portfolio

Posted over 5 years ago by Harry Silvester

As one door closes, another one opens as we say goodbye to 2018 and give 2019 a warm welcome. Mince pies and turkey seem like a distant memory as we start to gear up to head back to work. It’s common for candidates to want to search for a new job at the turn of the year so it’s paramount that you stand out from the rest. Ensuring that your portfolio is up to date and ready to go to potential employers is extremely important. I’ve put together my best pearls of wisdom to help you ensure your portfolio is up to speed.


No employer wants to see a portfolio from 2012 and no candidate wants to have to explain in an interview why their portfolio is out of date. It’s good practice to update your portfolio as soon as you’ve completed the brief. It can be quite hard to remember the real ins and outs of a brief so documenting it whilst it’s fresh in your memory is the best idea.


Although the aesthetics of your portfolio is important, it’s equally as important that there’s some background knowledge of the brief. A short blurb about the brief in hand and how you attacked it successfully goes a long way.


You may specialise in a particular skill set but showing variation throughout your portfolio sends out a message to potential employers that you’re versatile - something valued in the workplace.


It may be difficult to quantify any return on investment for the more creative of candidates such as designers, but if you can provide any statistical proof that your work has generated revenue for the brief in question then it will stand you in good stead.


Your portfolio is your chance to really showcase the hard work and dedication you’ve put in over the years so be proud of it and own it. If your portfolio looks scruffy and half-hearted then this will reflect in you as a candidate.


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