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How companies can innovate through digital transformation

Posted almost 5 years ago by Ellie Tibbs
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Recently, we assisted a large national retailer with their web migration project, recruiting some of the nation’s top contracting talent to drive innovation and success project wide. However in conducting this process, it came to our attention that a vast number of our clients are bringing their digital offering in-house.

Driving internal innovation

There are many reasons why a firm may decide to shift digital practices to their in-house team, the most prominent being cost efficiency due to the consolidation of processes and operations. Given the uncertainty surrounding the cost of out-sourcing in a post-Brexit environment, it comes as no surprise businesses are future-proofing themselves as part of their business strategy to ensure continued growth.


However politics aside, technological innovation means firms are able to become more agile and optimised. Removing the third-party allows teams to access information immediately, meaning they can adapt to market trends faster, provide more in depth data, and deal with issues more productively to drive business development at a faster pace.


Though monetary and performance drivers are the key reason behind firms deciding to go through a period of organisational change, technological innovation can prove valuable at a cultural level. Specifically, this increases the speed and efficiency of the consumer journey, whilst encouraging greater levels of collaboration across departments which drives closer relationships at all stakeholder levels.


Driving organisational change

We understand how complicated a digital transformation project can be for your business, your work-force may be change resistant and you may lack a clear vision or understanding of change processes, which places extra pressure on teams to perform beyond their remit (especially if they lack the required skills to ensure the transformation project is delivered effectively).


This is where bringing in external contractors can help!


Our contractors are used to working on short and long-term projects, and are able to embed themselves into organisations to ensure your objectives are met. By bringing in external support, you and your team will be exposed to the professional insight of someone who has worked on digital transformation projects previously, where they will be able to anticipate project faults and assist your team in developing new valuable skills for the future.


Additionally, hiring external support offers you greater levels of flexibility and on the occasions that you require that extra support immediately, we can find that resource for you – someone who can come in and hit the ground running, easing the pressure. While contractors can be found quickly, they can be released just as fast - meaning you don’t need to hire long-term talent for a one off job.


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Why Pitch

At any stage of your digital transformation project, we are able to help by finding you exactly what you need, recruiting across Birmingham and Manchester alongside the wider UK market to bring you talent from the following (but not limited to) backgrounds:


Front-end, Back-end and Full-stack Developers

UX/UI Designers 

Digital Designers 

Google Tag Managers

Digital Project Coordinators & Managers

SEO specialists (Technical & Content) 

Business Analysts

Change Management 

Database Administrators


Do you have a digital project coming up? Get in touch with us today to find out more about our digital transformation service and how we may be able to assist you with your internal innovation.

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