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2019/20 Hiring trends you need to anticipate

Posted almost 5 years ago by Julia Williams
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As recruitment specialists, we find ourselves in a position where we are able to spot and anticipate recruitment trends ahead of the pack. With over 10 years of experience across Agency, In-House and Freelance roles, we have seen the hiring practices within each industry develop over time, placing us in a position where we are able to inform hiring managers on best practices.

Due to significant changes within the external social and cultural environment, over the past year the job market has become increasingly candidate led across three core area’s: the hiring package, the hiring process and the interview.

At a glance

The hiring package

In the past year we have experienced an increase in the volume of candidates who are enquiring into the value of the hiring package during interview stages. This means if hiring brands want to employ the best talent in an increasingly crowded and competitive market, they need to offer a package which enables them to stand out.

Across all age groups, flexible working hours are gaining traction as a valuable tool for recruitment, demonstrating societal desires to hold a stronger work-life balance - trends which are affecting recruitment processes. A failure to adapt accordingly could result in slower hiring practices, and missing out on the best candidates.

The hiring process

Over the past 12 months we have witnessed some substantial changes across both Agency and In-house sectors in regards to their hiring processes and the timescales behind them.

For a start, whilst the average role takes between 12 - 50 days to fill, the average notice period is increasing, with as long as 3 months seen across some creative sectors. This means hiring managers need to act faster, in order to acquire the best talent for them.

The interview

From a client perspective, little has changed across the interview process, but this trend may not be forever.

When communicating with candidates, we are increasingly finding they are using the interview as an opportunity to evaluate their fit with the company and to see if the benefits package promoted lines up with corporate culture. With this in mind, over the next year we anticipate seeing a shift in interview procedures, where testing the candidate becomes secondary to creating a valuable candidate experience.

Do you require a deeper insight into how to create a package and interview experience that appeals to candidates? Download our Hiring Trends (2019/20) report today.


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