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We've moved house!

Posted over 3 years ago by Rob Markwell
Pitch Has Moved

The more eager eyed viewer of you may have noticed something a little different about Pitch lately.

We’re surrounded by even more shades of green than are on our website (if that is even possible). We figured it is time to spill the news.
You can now find us in Henley-in-Arden!
At Pitch we believe in doing things the right way. We strive to recognise the challenges which our clients and candidates face, being fluid in adapting our processes to meet their recruitment requirements. At our heart we are driven by our culture and our people, we needed an environment which reflected this and enabled us to fluidly grow as a team.
Fluidity is defined as the ability to move easily.
Our offices are now set up to allow for greater collaboration, stripping back the layers in an open plan layout which enables us to bounce creative and innovative solutions off each other to ensure we are best able to meet our clients and candidates needs. We are not crammed or segmented, we just flow, whether through taking calls on a stroll around our communal areas or taking a lunchtime walk through the country lanes to get inspiration, our new set-up prepares us for a fresh and modern approach to working.
Ease is a key element of this new approach, and whilst we strive to ensure our clients and candidates receive a seamless recruitment service, we also had to think what would be best for our team.
We have introduced the option of flexible working to all of our employees. From Marketing to Recruiters and Directors, we now work from home at least two days per-week, with the flexibility to start and finish at different times. As long as the work is done we don’t mind if you work from 8am-5pm or 10am-7pm.
We don’t want to be seen as endorsing stressful and expensive commutes, we want to champion what it means to have a work/life balance. To finish on time to pick your children up from school, to not get back at 8pm because the trains have yet again been cancelled and ultimately to allow us to spend more time on ourselves. We believe a rested and positive team is what drives success, and our offices are the key to this.
Whilst we have only been living in our new premises since September, we have already found that working in the countryside brings multiple benefits. We belong to a closer knit community and as a result are more engaged with each other as a team. Combined with easy access and free parking, it means that what can be perceived as the normal pressures of office working are removed, making us feel more relaxed and calmer because of our environment.
Ultimately because of the changes we made for our team, we feel more motivated and engaged as a business and look forward to what the future may hold.
Fancy having a little sneak at where we have moved to? You can find us here.