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How UX changes are going to impact your business

Posted over 3 years ago by Ellie Tibbs
Ux Changes Impact Business
Whilst businesses are grappling with a continual stream of changes some projects, especially those pencilled in with a 2021 date, are getting pushed to the back of the pile.

Though focusing on the present is pivotal to business survival, sacrificing some of those longer-term projects could have a near damaging impact on business performance longer-term. One of these being the impact of user website experiences on SEO rankings.

What is user experience?

A user experience consists of the consumers journey from product research through to purchase and aftercare. In this field you will hear about two types of designers, UX and UI - however due to the modernity of this sector when hiring you will often receive applications from combined UX/UI Designers.

A UX Designer focusses on the whole process of developing and improving the quality of interaction with consumers, this is often concerning the overall feel of the experience verses a UI designer who will be more involved in the digital aspects of a brand including web design and performance.

What is changing around UX?

The quality of user experiences is set to become more important in 2021 as Google plan to include it as a factor which influences SEO placement.

To provide guidance, Google have provided a detailed developer document on optimising page experiences to ensure websites are future proof, this includes:

  • Whether the website is mobile friendly
  • Whether pages load quickly & core web vitals are performing “well”
  • A preference towards sites run on HTTPS
  • Are there intrusive advertisements which interrupt user flow?
  • Whether safe-browsing is in place
  • Ensuring content stays in place & doesn’t jump around the page whilst it is loading.

As more businesses are seeking to shift their sales model towards a digital space, ensuring websites are up-to-date with Googles latest additions is a firm way to ensure businesses stay competitive in todays market.

A temporary solution

Have you performed a website audit lately and found your User Experience may be sitting in the red zone?

Firstly, don’t panic! Not all of us are web and SEO experts, especially those of you who may belong to SMEs or start-up companies. Whilst making a long-term commitment to a permanent staff member may not be financially viable, making outsourcing more attractive, have you considered the freelance option?

As addressed in our blog on overworking your teams, taking the freelance route can often be a cost effective option for businesses looking to complete a short-term project without taking on long-term contracts. Considered specialists in their field, they will be able to tailor their process to meet your businesses needs and requirements, working side by side with you to solve your UX/UI issues at a speed which suits you.

If you want a chat about what Pitch can offer from a UX/UI perspective, feel free to reach out to our freelance & interim team.

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