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Recruiters are expensive. How Pitch can control your recruitment costs

Posted over 3 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
Recruiters Are Expensive

Recruiters are expensive right?

Don’t worry we’re not offended, it is a known fact that price is one of the biggest turn offs from using a recruiter, which is only exasperated by the current business climate.

We understand that businesses are looking to maximise budgets as much as possible, which is why it is crucial to assess your cost-per-hire

What is cost-per-hire and why is it important?

Cost-per-hire can be defined as the cumulative sum of the resources used during the hiring process converted into a monetary figure. This includes everything from external resources (job boards, video interview platforms, marketing) to internal resources (time spent, ATS systems, referral rewards).

Whilst the average cost-per-hire will differ on a per-role basis, what if we told you that by using Pitch as your recruiter you may be able to reduce your cost-per-hire?

We take on some of the resource costs

To put it simply, time costs money in hiring. What if Pitch took some of that time off your hands so you can focus on other aspects of your business? We can carry the load by crafting your perfect job description, screening CVs, drawing up & shortlisting the best candidates, arranging interviews and negotiating job offers. All time that you could utilise in other areas of your business.

What you pay us also goes towards your job being advertised on job boards like Linkedin & Indeed, some with a more premium cost which could be outside of your hiring budget, ensuring through reach that you are able to obtain the best candidates. However often what you don’t get through in-housing your recruitment is access to the passive candidate market and an internal database of active candidates.

With Pitch you are not just paying us to advertise your job, instead you receive a considered and cautious approach to candidate acquisition, which places your companies interests at its heart.

Finding the payment structure which works for you

Whilst we do charge a fee, with multiple payment options available to suit everyone from start-ups to large enterprises, outsourcing to Pitch may be more effective in the long-run as we take on the majority of the resource costs and can provide added benefits.

Freelance  - An alternative and temporary option

We’ve spoken with numerous businesses in recent weeks who need to hire but either don’t foresee how long the role may be available or can’t realistically commit to a permanent hire. If you come to us feeling a little lost about what your options are, our team of expert recruiters are here to guide you.

We’re talented at hiring permanent staff, but what you may not know is that we also hire on a freelance and temporary basis.

Our dedicated Freelance & Interim team is able to support all roles across marketing, communication, digital, sales, tech and creative. Whether, maternity cover, fixed contract or last-minute support for a few days, we have a vast network of clients and skilled contractors, who have worked with some of the largest UK businesses in retail, hospitality, creative agency and wider sectors.

For more information about how Pitch may be able to help you control your recruitment costs, feel free to reach out to our team.

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