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Why advanced recruitment planning is important

Posted almost 3 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
Rec Insight

Why advanced recruitment planning is important

Due to rapid upscaling combined with a stretched availability of talent across some sectors putting pressure on recruitment timescales, many businesses are feeling as though they have jumped from the frying pan and into the fire in 2021.

The common issue? Whilst many companies knew exactly what (and who) they wanted, they failed to anticipate resource demand in advance, meaning they have entered a highly competitive recruitment market at the same time as most of their competitors.

With competition amongst hirers high, it’s no surprise we have seen the average recruitment timeline speed up by as much as 18-34% across a variety of our sectors. And those businesses who are attracting talent faster, have planned for a peak in requirements sooner than those with sudden requirements.

Failing to predict resource demand in advance can …

We’re fond believers that the growth of businesses is reliant on employing effective team members, but what happens if that resource isn’t there?

A failure to plan ahead of time is now putting pressure on businesses who are in urgent need of filling a resource gap to allow them to lift the workload from current employees and continue with upscaling revenue. It’s a real catch-22 situation. You need hands on deck to get the work done but finding this talent is going to take time and resource due to intense market competition.

The planning

Looking ahead can be difficult and we can all be left in an unexpected pinch if a member of staff hands in their notice or an unexpected project suddenly hits the desk. These are eventualities you can’t always plan for, but when it comes to upscaling or taking a new business direction inevitably you’re going to need more hires.

How retained can help

We’ve built our retained offering with businesses looking to upscale with a clear and actionable plan in mind. To help you develop the best recruitment plan for you, we will utilise our full resources and knowledge of your markets to craft a plan which is structured to set timelines and allow you to be competitive in the market. Ensuring you get the right people at the right time.

For more information about how we can support you with advanced recruitment planning, feel free to reach out to a member of our team.

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