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Has my salary changed in 2021?

Posted almost 3 years ago by Heidi Moreby

From virtual recruiting to hybrid working and virtue signalling, 2020 changed a lot for recruitment and salaries, so we figured it was about time we updated our Midlands salary survey so whether you’re an eager job seeker or in need business you know exactly where to position yourself in the market.

A key feature behind fluctuations in salaries has been based on the availability of talent. Whilst some are encountering the limitations of the digital skills shortage, for many the biggest issue is that there just aren’t enough job seekers out there either because they recently found a new job following mass redundancies in 2020, or they are hesitant about moving. For businesses encountering this issue, the first solution has been to increase salaries and enhance the benefits package with attractive elements such as flexible working.

The key takeaways (Nearly as tasty as a burger).

Digital first

The acceleration towards digital marketing and sales funnels has pushed many businesses to adapt and innovate their recruitment strategies. As a result, there’s a real appetite for digital skillsets in the market - increasing demand by 152% during Q1 of 2021 compared to Q1 of 2020 at Pitch.

However, the digital skills shortage remains a real challenge in recruitment and to ensure they’re attracting the very best talent, businesses are increasing many salaries with a digital skill element.

SEO - £1,000 - £5,000 increase

PPC - £1,000 - £3,000 increase.

CRM - £2,000 - £5,000 increase.

*Salaries dependant on role level & agency/in-house placement.

Creative demand recovering

The creative sector took a hit during 2020, however with a 15% increase in demand during Q1 of 2021, it appears the sector is experiencing a bounce back; especially on the agency side where client demands are increasing.

But, despite growth hirers are struggling to attract a volume of talent due to creatives finding alternative work during lockdown or (like most of the market) feeling uncertain about changing their current role. Because there is a talent shortage salaries for some skills have altered:

Designer - £2,000 increase

Artworker - £2,000 increase

Art director - £1,000 increase

Studio manager - £3,000 increase

*Salaries dependant on role level & agency/in-house placement.

Account handling

Though many account handling salaries have maintained their previous level, PR appears to buck the trend. This is due to a recent and significant uptick in demand across the sector which is putting a strain on the availability of talent.

One key factor to note is that though some starting salaries have decreased, for instance a Senior PR Account Executive (agency side) starting salary is now £1,000 lower at £23,000, the end bracket for that role has increased by the equivalent, enabling more experienced applicants to earn more.

For a more in-depth insight into changes in the recruitment landscape and up to date marketing, creative, digital, and PR salary brackets for the Midlands, you can download our Midlands 2021/22 salary survey for free.

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