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What are the top skills in demand for marketers in property and construction.

Posted over 2 years ago by Steve Smaylen

The property market is booming at the moment, and with more and more houses being developed, bought and sold, businesses in the property and construction space are likewise looking to invest in more people.

Why work in property and construction?

Some may look at the property and construction sector and think “I’m not a builder or estate agent, what impact can I make?”.

Property and construction is more than building and selling, it’s also advertising, brand image and reputation, marketing and in some instances requires a huge amount of creativity.

With this in mind, here are some of the top skills the clients I’m working with are looking for from marketers across the property and construction sectors.

What skills are property and construction businesses looking for?


More companies are looking for brand specialists to build and enhance their reputation. They’re looking for people to come in to help raise brand awareness so they’re able to compete with some bigger names in the market, differentiate their offering and ultimately gain market share.

Because of this, PR & communications professionals, CSR specialists and brand managers are all in high demand at the moment.

Traditional skills

Not everyone looking to buy a house will look online, with many stopping mid shop to look in estate agent windows or their local paper.

Print and design work is still in high demand across the market, despite many other sectors shifting towards the digital age. This is because a lot of property developers rely heavily on local press, brochures and direct mail to advertise and generate awareness of properties and local developments.

As a result, many companies are looking for creative writers and designers to support the creation of these assets in-house rather than outsourcing to an agency.

Digital skills

Of course the property and construction space isn’t limited to traditional skills, digital marketing is also a key element of an integrated approach.

Online property searches are a huge part of the buying process and companies are eager to capitalise by looking for digital specialists to help drive traffic to specific property websites like Rightmove or Zoopla, whilst also driving traffic to their own website.

This has driven a significant increase in demand for digital marketers, social media experts, SEO and PPC professionals to name just a few.

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