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What do marketers in finance do?

Posted about 3 years ago by Steve Smaylen

When we think of finance we often think of bankers and advisors, rarely paying attention to the more promotional elements of the business, which can sometimes lack transparency to potential applicants if applying for an in-house role.

We’re currently seeing an uptick in the need for marketing and communications professionals within financial service organisations, which for some (who perhaps lack experience within the sector) is raising questions about what communications professionals in finance really do.

What do marketers in finance really do?

Marketing and communications professionals within financial services can do a multitude of different things. Just because it’s not an up and coming e-commerce brand or tech start-up doesn’t mean you will be limited in exposure.

Marketers for example, can be brought in to help promote the brand, increasing its visibility to prospective customers and ensuring all communications are consistent with brand guidelines. As many are looking to compete with market disruptors, channel usage can range from traditional to digital communications, with the opportunity to consult with external agencies on advertising campaigns also.

At the moment, the property market is flourishing, so financial services are promoting mortgage offers, this is aided by digital marketing, and is a perfect example of how finance brands adapt their service offering to meet the needs of the market, which makes marketing and communications roles highly agile.

What is the financial services sector looking for?

It’s an exciting time to be joining the financial services industry. Because of so many disruptors entering the market, competition to get brands recognised is high. Many are turning towards digital channels to get their messages out into the world, which is pushing up demand for PPC, SEO and creative candidates to help with campaigns and branding activities.

If you’re interested in joining the financial services sector, or have a few more questions. Feel free to get in touch with me. That hyperlink you just skimmed over will also contain a few of our jobs within the financial and professional services sector.