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The print resurrection - Is print marketing making a comeback?

Posted almost 3 years ago by Heidi Moreby
Print Insight

Digital channels are the best way to attract consumers.

Print marketing is expensive.

Print marketing delivers little return.

So we’re not going to focus on it.

Could this be a mistake?

With the rise of digital marketing and e-commerce channels in recent years, and a special nod to 2020 when consumers shifted their buying habits to online channels, it’s understandable why so many brands would give print less attention.

But as the digital environment becomes increasingly cluttered, finding unique ways to engage with consumers has become key to a successful marketing strategy.

In comes print marketing. Research has found sending print mail to consumers can help to increase credibility and legitimacy surrounding a brand. In some instances, this led to a boost in sales when combined with other marketing channels. For instance, when a consumer is emailed and sent a catalogue sales in a luxury consumer brand experienced a 49% uplift in sales, with an equally impressive 125% increase in enquires.

If that isn’t enough to make you think. What if we told you that response rates from catalogues increased by 170% between 2004 - 2018.

What we’re seeing

With more brands reexamining their marketing strategies, looking to engage with consumers through less cluttered channels, print and direct marketing is increasing in attractiveness.

Because of this we’re seeing more demand for generalist marketers who are willing to lend their hand across a variety of channels to create a fully integrated omni-channel marketing experience for customers. You can find these jobs here.

So, what are your thoughts on print marketing? A resurrecting platform or a one off uplift? Will you be incorporating it into your marketing strategies? Drop us a comment and let us know - we’re always eager to hear your thoughts.

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