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Half of all hires are not working out for businesses.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Heidi Moreby
Recruitment Insight

​The Mind the Trust Gap report found that over half of all hires are not working out for businesses.

As recruiters who take pride in making the right fit, you can imagine how reading that made us feel.

When things aren’t working out as expected, largely it is because a cog in the works is broken. And poor fit often lies at the heart of it. Diving deeper into the report, 46% of businesses cited a poor fit between the candidate and the role was at the core of performance issues, with a further 44% highlighting cultural fit as an issue.

With 38% of businesses looking to improve the quality of their hires over the next year, what can businesses do to ensure they’re getting the right match?

Keeping things as simple and authentic as possible is our best piece of advice. Overly complicated and elongated recruitment processes are at the top of the list when it comes to the root cause of failed hiring drives, which equally can have a negative impact on candidate experience and attraction.

Likewise, transparency with prospective employees is important. Anything which falls short of expectations is likely to have a negative impact on their willingness to work effectively and stay with a company, and is a complication to making the right hires, as reported by 31% of respondents within the report.

When looking to hire, we always advise businesses to consider both skills and cultural fit, looking past the CV to consider how a candidate will fit with the team and contribute to company goals. Traditional interviews can help to achieve this, but psychometric testing and even a simple team meeting can help to cover the gap. What you shouldn’t do is place an over reliance on one versus the other and instead try to find harmony between culture and skills fit.

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