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How long do employees stay in a job?

Posted almost 3 years ago by Lara Lee
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It’s undeniable that worker behaviours and expectations of employers have shifted over the past 18 months, resulting in many leaving or changing jobs in what has been dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’.

A surveyed collection of global workers by Microsoft found that 41% were considering either quitting or changing professions this year and with labour shortages causing recruitment woes a focus on talent retention should be an important strategy for business owners.

How long do employees stay in a job?

How long employees stay in a job can be influenced by anything from age and desire for career progression to how well they feel they’re treated by a company and factors outside of their control such as redundancy. But to give you an idea of how things are currently looking, we did some digging into the average tenure periods over the last 6-12 months across some of our disciplines.

  • Marketing Executive - 1.6 years

  • Marketing Manager - 2.2 years

  • Account Manager - 2.3 years

  • Business Development Manager - 1.8 years

  • SEO Executive - 1.5 years

  • Graphic Designer - 1.4 years

  • Web Developer 1.5 years

How to retain employees

With the average tenure period just 1.7 years in the above examples, it is important that companies place a focus on how they can retain and engage with talent from day 1.

Retaining employees is essential for time and financial saving in recruitment and training to backfill, but also helps to foster a stronger organisational culture as bonds are maintained, teamwork becomes easier, and some believe that service levels increase thanks to happier employees.

Our advice

61% of job seekers select to work with companies who match their values and personal beliefs.

Take a look at your company values and consider how this could be extended to your employees. It could take the form of Wellness incentives, space to gather and play, gym memberships, regular team check-ins. What ever fits your vibe, do it.

47% of job seekers want a job that better fits their lifestyle.

We’re all talking a lot about working from home when it comes to recruiting in today’s environment, but have you considered giving them the freedom to control their working hours around their life rather than the other way round. This isn’t just about starting and finishing earlier, it’s picking the kids up from school, attending a gym class, visiting a relative, the list is endless.

If you’re looking for more insight and advice about today’s recruitment landscape, you can take a peak at what we’re writing, give us a follow, or have a friendly conversation with us - we’re pretty open.