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What is working in recruitment like?

Posted over 2 years ago by Heidi Moreby
Recruitment Insught

We can guarantee when asked as children what they wanted to do when they grew up, our team wouldn’t have said “be a recruiter”. Nine times out of ten it’s a job which people fall into after graduating or needing a change from customer service or sales role, and though at first it might have been just another job, over time recruitment did something quite special.

It captured their hearts.

Heidi Moreby

Working in recruitment you have an opportunity to genuinely make a difference to people’s lives. We work with brilliant candidates to find them a role which impacts their lives and allows them to make a difference. I’m not going to lie, working in an industry where your 'product' has thoughts, feelings, can change their mind etc can be challenging ... but also extremely rewarding. You never stop learning and being part of a team like Pitch that is focused on working together to achieve a shared mission is something special.

Lara Lee

Working in recruitment, you have to have a thick skin, when people are your product you have to be able to handle the lows - but there are plenty of highs involved too! You can’t shy away from the fact that there’s good money involved in recruitment, but it’s really making a placement which gives you that real buzz, especially when you know you have helped someone to find their dream job. The fact I’ve happened to make a few friends for life is also an added bonus!

Steve Smaylen

I've been in recruitment now for nearly 10 years, joining after I finished university, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I am given daily satisfaction from working with candidates and clients and there is no better feeling in securing a candidate their next role. Every day is a school day for me. I am constantly learning new things whether that be from my colleagues, candidates in the marketplace, clients etc.

Simply put, I love recruitment.

Exciting news!

We’re going through a hiring drive and are looking for 6 amazing people to join our team over the course of the next year. Our vacancies are already live and kicking, so if you’re eager to start or advance your career in recruitment then take a peak at what we have on offer.

Having second thoughts? We have a new series titled ‘heart +soul’ which gives you an insight into Pitch and recruitment life.