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Why your job advert isn’t getting applications

Posted almost 3 years ago by Lara Lee
Recruitment Insight

​It’s easy to get frustrated when your job advertisement isn’t getting any or good quality applications, but in todays environment this is an extremely common issue which many of our clients have been facing.

You don’t need us to tell you that the job market is extremely competitive right now. As businesses are recovering, growing and looking to expand their teams, employees are either resigning from their professions and making career changes or are staying committed to their current employer who has treated them well throughout Covid.

To cut a long story short, there are less job seekers in the market which means they’re going to be selective about which jobs they apply for. Meaning the metaphorical ball is in your court for making your role appeal to them.

Why hasn’t my job advert received applications?

It’s vague or too long.

Job seekers are highly intuitive. If your advert is vague about what they’re likely to be responsible for, the expectations of them and their daily responsibilities then they’re not getting a clear insight into the role on offer.

This leaves an advert open to the interpretation that you’re not entirely sure what or who you’re looking for which can be an off-putting factor for job seekers who know exactly what they want in the market. This is also likely to happen when an advert is too long and can equally give the impression that you’re likely to expect too much of a prospective employee.

You have a poor company reputation.

Job seekers enjoy doing a little digging into hiring companies when applying for jobs. They’re normally on the lookout for something about your company culture and values to ascertain whether they can associate with what you’re offering and determine if they would enjoy working in that environment.

With this in mind it’s always wise to keep on top of how people view your employer brand, as negative Google and Glassdoor reviews can all deter prospective applicants, especially if you boast a positive work environment within the advert.

Tip from us: If you do have negative reviews online, always try to address them in a positive way. Offering an opportunity to discuss where you’ve gone wrong or how you’ve improved on a previous mistake in response can help to alleviate concerns.

You don’t list many benefits.

In an age where applicants are placing a higher value on the benefits package which companies offer, staying ahead of the game is important.

One in two workers admit they’d be willing to sacrifice part of their salary for a more enhanced benefits package. With 44% of employees now wanting some form of hybrid working and training and personal development opportunities increasing in popularity, simply putting a salary on a job advertisement is no longer going to make the cut when it comes to attracting the very best applicants.

We could probably talk all day about why your job advert may not be receiving the applications you want, so if the above hasn’t given you the insight you require, we’re pretty confident one of our team would be able to help you.

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