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Keeping safe when making applications online - Cyber security awareness month

Posted about 2 years ago by Julia Williams
Recruitment insight

​When we’re searching for a new job the internet is the first place we go, but as with most digital activity there are some risks involved. Many of which are been made more prevalent in light of the pandemic as redundancies and demand for employment hit an all time high.

Between March-October 2020, reports of job fraud increased by 70% with some aiming to trick applicants into handing over money or personal data.

With it being cyber security month (yes we’re jumping on a trend), we figured now would be a great time to tell you what to look out for when making applications online and how you can stay safe in a digital environment.

How to stay safe making online applications

  • Never share personal information such as your national security number, bank account information, passport number or your drivers licence number.

  • Register with sites which are reputable and have a physical address or phone number.

  • Be wary of job adverts which contain multiple typos or spelling errors.

  • Never pay for something in the recruitment process, this should all be free!

  • Be wary of approaches on social media.

  • Double check the legitimacy of an employer offering a fully remote working scheme. Especially if you haven’t met them in person or over a zoom interview.