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Why manufacturing and engineering companies struggle to recruit

Posted 10 months ago by Lara Lee
Manufacturing + Engineering

Manufacturing and engineering companies often have a slightly harder time recruiting than other companies we work alongside.

Nine times out of ten this is because they’re not the shiny attractive consumer brands or agencies (sorry to put that out there in the intro), but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be entitled to accessing the very best talent in the market.

People often have the perception that working within an B2B company can be slow moving, they could be sat in a dark factory with a benefits package for the dark ages and limited long-term career prospects.

But this is often an external perception and in reality, many manufacturing and engineering businesses have great packages on offer - some of the recent companies we’ve worked in partnership with have updated their packages to offer remote and flexible working alongside extended holidays and other attractive perks! For some, with the help of external funding, personal development packages are on offer too.

So why do they struggle to recruit?

Because they don’t advertise these benefits enough!

In today’s competitive market, getting your employer brand seen is vital. And advertising these perks, not just in the job description, but across social media, websites and printed collateral is key to breaking through these perception barriers.

But we know not every manufacturing and engineering company has their own marketing team, or feels 100% comfortable with how they can do this, and this is where reaching out to a recruiter can help.

We’re not turning all salesy on you we promise. But a good recruiter should be able to advise businesses how they can take all of the amazing things they have to offer and promote it to the talent market to ensure they’re attracting the very best talent.

This is where we do turn up the sales message. Because we believe an attractive employer brand is central to attracting fantastic talent, we’ve made this part of our service offering. So if you happen to be struggling to recruit and feel you need to elevate your message in the market, feel free to reach out to our dedicated manufacturing and engineering consultant Lara. She’s pretty cool and a lovely person to boot.

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