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Is the UK manufacturing sector outdated?

Posted 9 months ago by Lara Lee
Sector Insight

Is the manufacturing sector outdated?

Prior to the pandemic we probably would have had a difficult time answering this question. However following the disturbances caused by lockdowns and the ‘pingdemic’ it is becoming increasingly clear that the UK manufacturing industry is behind in one thing. Digital transformations.

As sectors as far reaching as property and professional services have either started or been in the process of adopting digital solutions and technologies for some time, manufacturing businesses have lagged behind.

When we’re talking about digital transformations we don’t just mean cloud based computing platforms, we mean technologies which make the industry more efficient monetarily and enable more flexibility throughout the manufacturing process.

But it’s not just about implementing another piece of technology and hoping the magical efficiency fairy will improve things - if only we all had access to one of those!

It’s about ensuring a workforce is in place who can champion change.

If the manufacturing sector is looking to modernise through a digital transformation, then people need to be at the heart of it.

They’re going to want people who are capable of leading and managing change processes alongside those who are technically adept with skills in programming, development and simulation modelling.

But with manufacturing businesses struggling to recruit and the skills shortage impeding the volume of digitally progressive talent in the market, is manufacturing really outdated when access to talent is limited?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in our poll.

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