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What's the best CV you've ever received?

Posted over 2 years ago by Lara Lee
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​What’s the best CV you’ve ever received we were asked by a member of the Pitch community (hi if you’re reading by the way).

And it got us thinking.

We could offer you all of the CV advice and tips in the world. But what really grabs our attention? Our team gave us their answers.

“I received a CV from a Marketing Director which was particularly impressive. His motivators were clear, he had longevity throughout his career and his achievements across his roles were tangible - the reason the CV was so good (for me personally) is because there wasn't much room for confusion.”
- Steve

“A CV that when you look at it and read it, you get a perfect sense of who that candidate is, their skills AND personality. It doesn’t need a photo or fancy formatting, but will have a little something different to it. It is organised, easy to read and has a splash of personal flair to set it apart.”
- Julia

What makes a CV great doesn’t require you to be Shakespeare or a graphic design whizz. Though being persuasive and sometimes creative with your CV can help to catch our eye, ultimately it is how clear you are which makes it stand out.

A few tips for creating a clear and concise CV:
+ Avoid lengthy sentences - be direct and to the point.

+ Focus on the core elements of your job - we don’t need every detail.

+ Tell us how you made an impact - use stats if you have them to hand.

+ Organise it clearly - Have your experience at the top, and keep it separate from other elements like skills and hobbies.

+ Give us a mini intro to who you are and what you’re looking for - make it short but sweet.

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