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Why you’re missing out on jobs in the Midlands

Posted over 2 years ago by Heidi Moreby
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The Midlands recruitment market is looking bountiful on the run up to 2022, and many trends which have been at the forefront of 2021 have continued to gather momentum moving into the final months of the year.

But with the New Year quickly approaching, businesses are speeding up their recruitment process to meet a looming Christmas deadline. Interviews are happening sooner and decisions are being made faster.

But what if you’re struggling to get into the exclusive interview club, despite everyone telling you it’s a candidate led market? It can leave you asking a lot of questions about what you could be doing better. So we thought we’d tell you the top 3 reasons why job seekers in the Midlands are losing out.

You’re over pricing yourself

As businesses have sought to retain top talent, we’ve seen some impressive pay rises over the last year - some by as much as £5,000. Though this can feel flattering in the moment, in some instances its actually hindered job seekers by out pricing them in the market.

If you’re not getting interviews or offers, it’s worth taking a peak at what your average salary brackets are for the Midlands and adjusting your salary to suit.

Admitting you may have to take a pay cut can be a difficult decision to make, and if it’s one you can’t take, then it could be a great time to consider climbing the career ladder by taking your next step up.

The working from home conundrum

With more businesses offering flexible working packages, working from home has been one of the great takeaways from 2020/21. But as businesses have started to find their feet again, many have shifted from a fully remote to a hybrid model, requiring you to be in office a few days each week.

Many job seekers and employees have welcomed this shift with open arms, but as we became used to no busy commutes and 5am alarms, the willingness to travel 30+ minutes to work has decreased and for some it is reducing the amount of job opportunities they have.

Accepting a counter offer

Okay this one is less about losing out on interviews and more about losing out long term.

Accepting a counter offer can sometimes be a great decision. But it can also be the wrong one.

We’ve covered whether you should accept a counter offer previously, so just to cover the essentials …

Before accepting a counter offer consider:

+ Have your reasons for leaving been solved? This could be salary, culture, workload, general happiness - you name it!

+ Will accepting change your relationships with your colleagues? Trust can be damaged by the knowledge that you took time out to attend an interview or were considering leaving. Accepting can also lead to a belief of favouritism amongst colleagues.

If you’re struggling to take advantage of today’s candidate led market, it is likely that there is something within your application and approach to job seeking which could be improved. Our team are always on hand to help you out, plus there are tonnes of useful resources across our LinkedIn and Instagram.

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