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4 ways to prepare for job searching in the new year

Posted over 2 years ago by Heidi Moreby
Recruitment Insight

If getting a new job is on your new years wish list you’re going to want to start preparing everything you need as soon as possible. So when hiring managers and recruiters return from their festive break, you are not only ready to go, but may be ahead of the crowd of other eager job seekers.

Your “new year, new job” tick list

Update your LinkedIn

A quick and simple task that can go a long way. Ensuring your LinkedIn is up to date with all of your previous employments, recommendations and the open to work is ticked on is a sure fire sign to employers that you are ready and looking for a new job.

Some LinkedIn tips from us:

  • Keep details about your employment history brief and succinct. We don’t need to hear about every success you’ve had - your CV does that!

  • Switch on your open to work - People often leave this off out of fear their current employer will see they’re looking for work. But don’t fret, there’s an option you can select where only recruiters will see you’re open to work.

  • Recommendations are your friend - Use the festive period to reach out to some old & current colleagues and friends to ask for recommendations. It’s kind of like a reference, but far less formal.

  • Use your bio to add some personality about who you are and why you’re passionate about what you do.

Update your portfolio

It’s always good to keep on top of things, so updating your portfolio with any work you have completed throughout 2021 is a great idea regardless of whether you’re planning to look for a new job soon or not.

We always advise applicants to keep their portfolio simple. Show us what you’ve done and tell us why you decided to take a specific route with design or editing. This helps us and future employers to understand your thought process and demonstrates your talent at the same time.

Update your CV

It goes without saying that every time you look for a new job you should update your CV, and ensure you’re tailoring it to every role you’re looking for.

Some CV tips from us:

  • Demonstrate how you’ve made an impact in previous roles through data and be proud of your achievements.

  • Keep it short and sweet - we just need to know who you are and what you’ve done.

  • There’s no need to be overly creative. Sure standing out with a nice layout is good, but all employers and recruiters really care about is your employment history. If you’re applying for a creative role, then your portfolio is your space to showcase your talents.

Ensure you know what you’re looking for

You can go through all of the above with a fine tooth comb, but unless you’re 100% certain on what it is you’re looking for, then it will be hard to craft a standout CV, portfolio or cover letter.

Before applying for jobs en’mass, take a second to consider:

  • What level job am I looking for? Am I taking a step back onto a different path? Do I want a promotion and a new challenge?

  • What salary do I require?

  • How far am I willing to travel?

  • Will I be looking for hybrid, fully remote or fully in office working? Does this make an impact to me?

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