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What to expect working in Account Handling

Posted 8 months ago by Heidi Moreby
Sector Insight

Working in account handling and management is about more than just managing a relationship. It’s about selling your company, finding solutions to challenges and coming up with innovative strategies which help to best serve your clients needs.

What skills are needed?

Because Account Handling is so diverse, a broad range of skills are needed to stay ahead of the game.

  • Communication - not just verbal but written too!

  • Project management - more relevant if you’re looking to join an agency environment.

  • Great organisation and time management skills.

  • An ability to think strategically aligned with business and client needs.

  • An analytical mindset - looking at the facts and communicating them effectively

Career prospects

Great news! Whether you’re in-house or in an agency, career prospects within Account Handling are strong and promotion opportunities are readily available.

Because of the variety of opportunities in this sector, there are many specialist routes you can explore too! From your traditional Account Management to PR Account Management and Digital Account Management, the opportunities really are there.

A typical career may look something like:

  • Junior Account Executive - Suitable for fresh off the block graduates.

  • Account Executive - Normally after gaining a year of two of experience.

  • Senior Account Executive - For those with 2+ years experience.

  • Account Manager.

  • Account Director.

  • Head of Comms/Group Account Director.


Account Handling salaries are hugely variable depending on whether you’re working in-house or in an agency, your skill level and where you’re based.

To give you a rough indication of what to expect, you can find some average salaries within our Midlands, North and Home Counties salary surveys.

Are there many Account Handling jobs being advertised?

From B2B in-house brands to creative agencies, account handlers have a place in pretty much any organisation. Demand for their skills is also on the rise, with 94% more jobs advertised in January - September 2021 compared to the year previously, as businesses seek to bring in new talent to cope with increasing workloads and client needs.

We’re not hiding them all, our account management jobs can be found here.

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