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Am I being paid enough? Answering your salary FAQ's

Posted 4 months ago by Sophia Dulai
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As the cost of living rises and businesses continue to grapple with talent shortages, salaries are the talk of the town at the moment.

Whether you’re looking for a pay rise to keep up with the cost of living, or simply think you deserve more based on your skills and level, knowing where you should be pitching yourself to employers can be tricky. In fact, recent studies show that many workers underestimate their salary in the market.

To help you find your feet, Steve and Sophia sat down to answer some of the most common salary related questions we’ve come across in recent weeks, including:

  • I’m thinking of leaving my job because I’m not earning enough …

  • How much of a pay rise should I ask for in a new job?

  • My employer is paying me more than the market average, what should I do when looking for a new job?

  • What should I do if I’m counter offered with a higher salary?

What should I be getting paid?

If you’re stuck with where to begin, you can find market average salaries for your job near you in our salary survey.

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