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The 4 biggest mistakes made when job searching

Posted over 2 years ago by Lara Lee
Recruitment Insight

Mistakes are bound to happen when job searching. From forgetting to attach a document to accidentally cc’ing someone in an email, we’ve pretty much all been there.

Though an honest mistake is easy to forgive, sometimes we come across errors which can be considered a red flag by employers, damaging your job seeking prospects.

Mistake #1 - Applying for jobs without fully reading the advert.

Assuming every job offers remote/hybrid working or is suitable for you based on title alone is a sure fire way to add volume to your job applications, but opens the door to more rejections.

Job adverts don’t just exist to tell an applicant what their day to day will be, they’re there to ensure the right message about culture and benefits are advertised too. This ensures businesses are getting the right person for them.

By applying to everything and anything without reading the advert, you’re likely to waste not only your own time, but an employers too.

Mistake #2 - Pitching yourself too high

We’re all for job seekers getting the salary they deserve, but sometimes we come across people whose expectations don’t match what the market is offering.

The main culprit for this are job seekers not doing the correct research about elements like average market salaries and holiday allowances. Though currently the market is candidate driven and some employers are offering higher than average salaries to secure the right talent, out pricing yourself in the market is still a big red flag to employers.

*A helping hand - Our salary surveys are a handy tool for finding out what the average salaries are in your area.

Mistake #3 - CV errors

Spelling mistakes are one of the most common errors on CVs, but many employers are willing to let the odd typo go in favour of a great skillset - just don’t make too many mistakes!

The biggest issue is when dates are incorrect, making it hard for employers to gauge your experience, and not including any contact details on your CV!

If you’ve sent a CV via email this may be less of an issue, but if you applied through an online portal sometimes your contact details aren’t requested. If you’re guilty of not including your contact details on your CV, this may mean there could be a few people who thought you were perfect for a job but didn’t know how to get in touch with you.

Mistake #4 - Not tailoring your CV or cover letter

Tailoring your CV and cover letter shows to employers that you’ve taken the time to read the job advertisement, and have ensured your CV meets what they’re looking for. Doing this makes you stand out from those applicants who sent over a generic CV and makes you appear eager and interested in the role.

Not doing this … has the inverse effect and can make you look weaker in comparison to competitive applicants, despite you being a perfect fit.

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