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Should I include a video in my CV?

Posted over 2 years ago by Lara Lee
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Should I make my CV standout more by including a video?

As the world of virtual recruitment looks set to stay in some form, it’s only normal that we start to see shifts in the ways applications are made. The latest trend? Including a video, either within a CV or cover letter.

In fact 60% of job seekers believe a recorded video could be the next version of the cover letter.

But should I be adapting my applications today?

According to LinkedIn, 79% of hiring managers believe that video has become a more important part of the hiring process, which allows them to vet candidates. Allowing them to not only determine skill fit, but the all important cultural match too.

From a hiring perspective it can help to make your application stand out in a cluttered market and could be useful to those facing high competition for jobs, such as graduates.

What our team say

“I think videos are a lot more engaging than cover letters. I would prefer to see a video than a covering letter, personally.” - Steve.

“I agree with Steve that they are more engaging but cover letters also showcase writing skills, which are important in roles such as PR. I think it’s likely that companies may like a video intro to work in tandem with a cover letter”. - Julia.

The key takeaway?

As we’re still transitioning into the digital age it’s important to not forget the basic elements such as CV’s, cover letters and portfolios. But including a video, should you feel comfortable in front of a camera, could be a useful way to standout in the market if you’re looking to invest more time into your job search.

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