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You + them: Why cultural fit is important

Posted over 2 years ago by Heidi Moreby
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We’re often asked by candidates ‘why was I rejected from a job which my skills were a perfect match for?’.

And though there can be many reasons, culture fit is normally the one which stands out most.

Organisational culture is a key tool businesses use in employee attraction, but outside of the immediate hire, ensuring a strong culture internally is vital.

Employees are the heart + soul of a business. When they’re engaged by a strong internal culture, they’re likely to be more productive, and a healthy team environment means staff turnover should be low.

As our recruiters discuss, when someone who doesn’t match the company culture is brought in, the team dynamics are likely to erode. This damages the internal culture of a business and opens up the opportunity for internal disagreements, lower productivity and potentially increased turnover.

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