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Do people still want remote work?

Posted about 2 years ago by Julia Williams
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Do people still want remote working?

The short answer is yes. But how we all define remote working is where the challenge lies.

For many of us, the pandemic brought sudden changes in the workplace, the key change being remote working. Over the past 2 years we have learned to adjust to this new form of flexibility, but now that we are moving back into our “new normal- or old normal?” our expectations around hybrid working have changed.

We recently went to market and asked “would you want to work fully remote?”76% of people who responded said yes. But why?

+ It saves time and money on commuting.

+ Allows for a better work-life balance.

+ Gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

+ Increases productivity - less office distractions

+ Avoiding office air con wars.

What are we seeing? What are candidates saying?

"At all levels hybrid working is really important, we are hearing more and more at a senior level that candidates would prefer fully remote but that can depend on many factors. Candidates seem to prefer a fluid model so you’re in when you want to be but understandably many clients are trying to ensure that office time is as valuable as possible and so trying to get everyone in on the same days, or at least teams in in the same days."

"I have spoken to a lot of candidates who have now had to return to the office 5 days a week and that is what is driving their job search. Most will be happy with hybrid but the specialist digital and creative candidates are wanting fully remote."

"Candidates I’m speaking to always want flex to work from home. Rarely am I speaking to candidates who either want fully remote or fully office based.”

” We are seeing more of an interest in hybrid working than remote I would say, junior candidates are more flexible I would say in terms of going into the office.”

Although there are some people out there who are happy or even prefer to work in the office full time, the roles that require this, are harder to fill. Candidates assume that if a business doesn’t offer flexibility, it’s because they don’t trust their employees to work autonomously, which is not always the case. Office working adds to culture and team collaboration, and there are elements of face to face human interaction that we simply cannot get working remotely.

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