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March outlook: What's in demand?

Posted about 2 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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It’s the nature of things!

Recruitment goes through various peaks and troughs, sometimes we’re able to predict them and other times they unexpectedly hit us in the face.

Our 2022 trends report identified company growth as a key driver behind talent demand this year.

On the agency side we’re seeing a rise in client pitches and new business wins which is pushing internal resources to their limit.

On a similar note, many hiring in-house companies are also experiencing a significant level of growth, but are simultaneously balancing this with assessing strategies for customer acquisition. In most cases, internal resources are being stretched and new talent is required to help propel business growth.

What skills are in demand?

Public Relations

If you ask Heidi what she’s up to she will probably say she’s trying to fill a million PR roles right now. She loves the challenge, but the market seems to have a real shortage of good quality PR talent.

Just as a cheeky example - In February 2022 the amount of Birmingham based PR Managers available and looking for jobs on Indeed was on average 27 pointsbelow the growth in jobs.

You can see the issue!

Don’t get us wrong, hiring isn’t impossible here, but companies looking to take on a more experienced PR professional are likely to experience longer timelines to recruit as we await fresh talent to enter the market.

Looking for a PR job? Heidi and the agency team could use your help!

Account Management

Companies looking to hire account managers or executives are seeing similar things as those looking to hire a PR.

In February 2022 the amount of Birmingham based Account Managers available and looking for jobs on Indeed was on average 9 points below the growth in jobs, showing a shortage in the availability of talent compared to job growth.

Again, hiring is likely to take longer than average here, however it’s unlikely to take quite as long as finding a good PR.

Looking for an Account Management job? The team have you covered!

Content Producers/ Content Managers

Lara is having a bit of a headache recruiting for talented content producers and managers at present.

The simple fact of the matter is that finding great people for the job is hard. Everyone can post something to social media, but to create content that cuts through the clutter and delivers on brand expectations is hard and a skillset which is fairly new to the market.

Looking for a job in marketing and social media? Lara and the in-house team would love to hear from you!

Where talent availability is good

Talent currently seems to be more readily available across creative disciplines. We’ve recently fulfilled roles for Creative Artworkers and Graphic Designers and have seen a real increase in the volume of creatives in the market compared to a year ago.

For companies looking for an alternative option to permanent recruitment, the freelancer market also continues to be buoyant, with many candidates having spotted an opportunity to do things differently and made the move into the world of freelance.

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