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What's happening in the East Midlands

Posted almost 2 years ago by Heidi Moreby
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The East Midlands market can often feel overshadowed by its western counterpart.

And whilst Birmingham isn’t too far away, when it comes to recruitment, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Northampton (to name a few) are entirely different places, each with their own unique challenges.

I focus my attention on working with the East Midlands market, and have started to see some interesting trends and developments which set it apart.

Availability of talent

In the Midlands as a whole we’re seeing an increase in the volume of active job seekers clicking and engaging with job advertisements. Largely driven by an increase in graduate level talent entering the market, summer may be the perfect time to look for that white horse.

Competition for talent

According to Indeed Hiring insights* on average there are 9.6 job seekers per job, compared to 9.1 in the West Midlands. Though the market remains competitive in key areas (digital and PR), compared to its western counterpart, competition is lower due to less companies advertising and competing for job seekers.

Talent expectations

More job seekers entering the market doesn’t mean you need to stop being competitive when searching for great talent.

Candidates are just as selective as ever when it comes to finding their next dream job, taking culture, fit and flexibility into consideration before saying yes. But it’s not just about benefits, salary is once again becoming an important decision factor as the cost of living rises.

Salary averages* in the East Midlands are currently:

  • £39,060 for a Marketing Manager - 2% above the national average.

  • £30,893 for a PR Manager - 3% above the national average.

  • £27,239 for a Graphic Designer - 7% above the national average.

Attracting great talent in the East Midlands will require you to put together a recruitment strategy that is competitive in the market and attractive to potential applicants.

Advising you on the best course of action is something which I and Pitch place at our very core of how we do recruitment, ensuring we’re able to match you with the right candidate in the right way. So, if you’re looking to get ahead of the competition and attract the best talent for your business, reach out to me and let’s chat about what we can achieve together.

*Data gathered from Indeed Hiring Insights and is accurate as of June 23rd 2022.

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