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Why market mapping is important

Posted about 2 years ago by Julia Williams
Paying Enough?2

When hiring in a competitive recruitment landscape, understanding the lay of the land is vital to creating a recruitment plan destined for success.

Market mapping is an essential element of this process, and if it's done the right way, it will allow you to make strategic decisions surrounding your recruitment plan.

We undertake market mapping as part of our retained recruitment plan, using data to help guide and advise on your recruitment strategy to ensure you’re gaining access to the best talent the market has to offer.

Here’s what we do …

We find out how many candidates are in your area …

To discover how challenging your recruitment journey is likely to be and to provide insight into timelines for recruitment and whether searches should be widened to take into account a bigger search radius or wider skill set.

We find out what the jobs to candidate ratio is in your area …

To find out how competitive the market is and how likely candidates are going to be attracted to and in process with competitive businesses.

We dive deep into who current job seekers are and where they’re employed …

To gain an understanding of what attracts them to your competitors. It could be location, salary, brand reputation, flexible working benefits … you name it!

Research average salaries

With the cost of living rising and salaries inflating on the whole due to talent shortages, advertising your role at the right salary is now more important than ever. To help guide you, we’ll combine all of the above with our knowledge of your industry and market in your region to advise on salary brackets.

To hear more about how we can help you with market mapping your role, get in touch and we’ll get a member of our team to reach out.