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Pitch is hiring!

Posted almost 2 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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We’re hiring again!

Didn’t you only just recruit 3 new faces into your team? Yes. Yes we did.

But 2022 has been treating us so well, we thought it was time to up that number. So we’re looking to level up our team with a Senior and a Managing Recruitment Consultant.

The link below will tell you all about the exciting things you’ll be getting up to as a member of the Pitch team, and what we’re looking for from you!

What you’ll be getting up to

But let’s get real.

We can tell you about all of the amazing reasons why you should join us … in fact Rebecca already has you covered there. But what is being at Pitch really like?

  • Sure we have KPI’s but it’s not about volume. It’s quality, and the impact you make.

  • We said goodbye to the mandatory office suit a while ago!

  • No one is too big or too small - there’s no egos here.

  • We’re not afraid to make mistakes, we’re only human after all!

  • Ideas and feedback are welcome! We’re always looking to grow and get ahead.

  • Your colleagues will always have your back!

We’re a little biased when we say we’re a great team to work with. But if you want to put the Heart+Soul back into your career then Pitch is your home and we’re happy to have a chat.

Lets chat!