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Is now the time to change jobs?

Posted over 1 year ago by Rebecca Thomas
Now Time To Change Jobs?3

With a recession likely on our heels, is now really a great time to be changing jobs?

It’s wise to have concerns around a “last in, first out” scenario, and with the rising cost of living many are looking for stability in income. So is now really a wise time to change jobs?

Jobs are slowing but …

When we say that job growth has begun to slow, many may panic. But we need to remember that since Covid the job market has been growing at pace.

Though things may be looking slightly less bountiful, if we compare July 2022 with July 2019*, growth is actually still present. Cutting a long story short, right now we seem to be simply returning to a pre-Covid market.

For you as a job seeker this means the market still has bags of opportunity, but may become more competitive as we head into the autumn months. Ensuring your CV is up to date with current trends and you’re interview ready will be important when it comes to bagging your perfect job.

The freelance opportunity

Freelance can be a cost effective solution to cover a short-term project or staffing challenge. Which is why when the permanent market stagnates the freelance market sees growth.

During this time, some ambitious people are likely to quit their jobs to start-up their own freelancing journey, they may look to diversify their income through becoming a freelancer or take up temporary short contract opportunities. Meaning the freelance market can offer a solution to employment during a recession.

What will a new job give you?

Changing jobs is a risk no matter when you’re looking to make a transition. For those harbouring hesitations about moving, we ask one simple question.

What will a new job give you?

Whether it’s progression, training, a higher salary or a change of environment. Taking the risk to move jobs could pay off in the longer-term.

*Data gathered through Indeed hiring insights.

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