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Will I be able to hire before the New-Year?

Posted over 1 year ago by Julia Williams
Recruitment Insight

Whether you’ve already got the tree up or are saying no to the Christmas shopping until December 24th, there’s no denying that Christmas is on its way. 

With deadlines stacking up before we all sign off for that well deserved break, your recruitment and hiring plan is no different. 

You may be looking to take on a new hire before Christmas, with the view of getting them set-up and ready to go ahead of the New-Year. You could want a New-Year starter so you can kick off your 2023 marketing plans or business projects with a fresh mindset. Or you may be looking to start the hiring process in the New-Year. 

What are your chances of being able to meet your hiring deadlines? 

I’m looking to have someone start in December.  

Things are tight here. 

The average time to hire throughout October moving into November was 24.7 days. Assuming you start hiring today, you're realistically unlikely to have someone hired before December 8th. If you want them to start in December, they will need to be an immediately available candidate. 

We don’t want you to rush the hiring process, which is why we’d ask ‘why do you need this person quickly?’. 

If it’s to support with heavy workloads across the team, it may be worth considering taking on a freelancer in the interim, whilst you look for your ideal candidate.

I’m looking to have someone ready to start in January.

It’s looking realistic that you can achieve this, but you need to act fast! 

Based on an average time to hire of 24.7 days in October, if you were to start your hiring today you could have an offer out by December 8th. 

If they’re an immediately available candidate, then consider your January goal accomplished, likewise if they're on a 4 week notice period, then they may be ready to start during the first or second week of January. But if you're to begin your January hiring in December, then you may struggle to get the person you need.

We’d encourage you to take a structured approach to recruitment here, where through our retained service we can support you with creating a recruitment timeline and plan to suit your business objectives. 

I’m looking to hire in the New-Year.

The good news is that time is on your side! 

Even though you may not be looking to have someone in place until February/March, to maximise on the best candidates the market has to offer, there’s no harm in getting started a little earlier. 

By reaching out to us in December for instance, we could chat about what the best recruitment options are for you, plan and get sign off, ready to kickstart the process in January. 

If this is on your agenda, you can view your recruitment service options here, but we’d really love to have a chat with you so we can best understand your needs and how we can help. 

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